From the recording Rasta Refugee

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I Just Don’t Understand
By Tukso Okey

Baby what’s wrong with you
Is it the same thing that bothers me
Can it be worked out
Or is this the end of it all
Is this a dream
That blows in the wind
Is it tangible
Or could you see the cause

Oh I wish I could know the truth
Or at least just part of the scheme
And I love you baby that stands
But I just don’t understand

Answers escape me now
The reason is still not clear
What is going on
What is the problem here
Confusion sets in
Like dew on the grass
But let’s sit in the sun
Let’s try to see the light

Free your mind from it
Baby can you settle down
Oh just relax
And don’t give it a thought
Just feel the love
That we both can give
Just let it go
Don’t worry about tomorrow