From the recording Rasta Refugee

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I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Tukso Okey

We met once before casually but I felt so much more
The sparkle in your eyes hit my heart and made it fly
And when you spoke to me, your words seemed to travel on the breeze
The hour was getting late, and our next meeting would be up to fate

I don’t even know your name
What it your name?
Tell me I’d really like to know

Sitting home all alone if I had your number I’d call you on the phone
Mesmerized by your style your windblown hair and that flashing smile
One sided love affairs are sad ‘cause only one person cares
To be with you is a dream or so it seems


I saw you walking down the street looking really sweet
Your presence went about the place it was so hard to face
And when you spoke to me, it was like the early morning sun
I said hello, but wasn’t heard I stumbled on my word