From the recording Clutch the Railing

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Clutch the Railing
By Tukso Okey

Days on End, I keep thinking
Something has got to change
Hanging on by a thin hair
Stranded in midair

I’ve got to clutch the railing
I’ve got to hold on with all my might
I’ve got to clutch the railing
I’ve got to bite down and keep up the fight

Air is cleared the smoke lifts
I see ground below
Dragging by clouds are weighted
Cut them with my hand


Let me die I’m a red man
Red blood black and blue
Bow in hand fist grows tightened
War cries turn my head


I’m on edge don’t you push me
Glass nerves shatters sound
Gravity sends it’s greetings
What’s up must come down


Standing fast grip shows knuckles
Fingers squeeze like snakes
Blistered pulse pierce my forehead
Shutters act like eyes