From the recording Clutch the Railing

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Your Mother’s Daughter by Tukso Okey

Do you sleep well? Are you haunted by dreams so demented?
Is your daddy a villainous demon, or a god who threw you out of heaven?

You’re good, you’re bad, you just don’t know
You see yourself, as a troubled soul
But eh, you’re just your mother’s daughter x2

Was your childhood stolen in your silence, were you a teen writhing in rebellion?
Comfort from cocaine, you’re numb, you’re chemically treated

Just take psychology 101
To research the past you’re running from
But eh, you’re just your mother’s daughter x2

Is that baggage wrapped around your head, or a noose coiled around your neck?
Is your life like dancing in the shadows, while your love is hiding away?

You need a friend, then a friend I will be
You need some sense of reality
‘Cause eh, You’re just your mother’s daughter x2