From the recording Clutch the Railing

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Just Like a Little Clown
By Tukso Okey

Life is so incredible, with all its intangibles
Analyze just to see, it’s psycho babble talk to me
Think I’ll lose myself if I, don’t find myself an alibi
As fantasy and fact imbue, in the year of 1972

Just like a little Clown I spin around and around and around

It’s yes to this or no to that, like pulling rabbits from a hat

My ego’s like an octopus, spraying ink to hide from us

Archer’s arrow splits a tree, we’ll call it personality

So I’ll kiss it up to God, the fruit that fell above the sod


Almost there but far enough, not to get it on the cuff

But I don’t really give a damn, ‘cause who I am is who I am

Left side right side of my brain, disorder is in my life again

Be an artist? And stay alive? Dog eat dog to survive