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On Fire by Tukso Okey

Yatahey my girl, yatahey to you my friend
Let me share my world, let me share with you what I can
Let me walk around, let my talk abound inside your mind
Like you do in mine, or so I find, 24 hours at a time

'Cause I'm… I'm on fire
'Cause I'm… I'm on fire
For you, for you

Like Elvis said about a heart that's true, "Don't be cruel…"
Empowered love is the strongest love, so you can set all the rules
It's okay with me, use both eyes to see where you're headed for
But don't shut me out, don't shut you in, please don't shut the door


You're like a bird frightened by the wind
But the wind isn't me, it's just your past blowing' in

I understand you want to take it slow, so take it slow
But do you have to be so winterly frostbitten cold?
I guess I'm scared to be compared to all the rest
But I'll let it go if you let it go laying all your fears to rest