From the recording Like Water

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Summertime Trip (by Tukso Okey)

Whatcha gonna see on LSD, in the summertime?
Do you feel that life’s unreal, just images?
It’s okay I feel the same way, every day of my life
Colors and trails it never fails, to blow your mind

Hey don’t trust it, you’re gonna get busted
Have a nice trip, see you when you fall

Pyramid power recites a flower, lying on it’s side
Tukso’s on a trip thinks he’s real hip, till he kills his girl
Blood in his hair but he doesn’t care, he just likes the texture
Cops break in think he’s wearing thin, so they throw away the key


Presto change-o it’s all out of range-o, it’s make believe
Susan’s a bird she doesn’t say a word, she just likes to fly
Stumbles to the roof just as a goof, till her wings grow
Flat on her face broken every place, you should have heard her scream